McCord: Standing by Her Pillars

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                              Nikki McCord Nikki McCord, a candidate for Boulder City Council in 2019, is focusing on two major policy categories in her campaign – “sustainable infrastructure,” including a major focus on affordable housing, and a “safe environment for all,” including marginalized communities in Boulder. She turned to these categories often during an early [...]

Follow the Money

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Most Boulder races boil down to small amounts of money compared to other campaigns, but where the money comes from can be interesting! With rare exceptions, City of Boulder elections do not generate the same levels of campaign spending as many other types of campaigns. Top earners for a Boulder City Council race [...]

State of Colorado Proposition CC and Proposition DD

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State of Colorado Proposition CC: TABOR Refunds, Education and Transportation Prop. CC would provide funding for Colorado institutions of higher education, including CU-Boulder. (Photo by Casey A. Cass) Colorado Proposition CC would end “TABOR refunds” in Colorado, and revenue that would have otherwise been refunded to taxpayers would instead be split evenly [...]

City of Boulder Ballot Issues 2H, 2I, and 2G

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The following City of Boulder ballot issues may look pretty straightforward at first glance, and I've tried to keep this simple. However, there are a fair number of details voters may wish to consider in addition to what I've written, so I've included links to other sources of information for those with heightened levels of [...]

Orba: She Had Some Choice and Settled Here

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              Gala Orba Gala Orba, a candidate for Boulder City Council in 2019, has taken a bit of a long and winding road to get here, but she credits Boulder as being the town where she grew into adulthood and became “who I am as a woman,” and is hoping to earn a [...]

Julca: Opportunity Zone for Whom?

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                             Corina Julca Corina Julca, a candidate for Boulder City Council in 2019, decided to throw her hat into the local political ring in part because she learned that her rental apartment was located within the city’s Opportunity Zone parcel, and she was concerned that future redevelopment could lead to rent increases or [...]

Joseph: Worldwide Servant Looks Locally

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                               Junie Joseph Junie Joseph, a candidate for Boulder City Council in 2019, started this early morning interview at a coffeeshop by listing a big mug full of reasons she’d like to win a seat – she’s service-oriented, plus in short she believes there are issues with affordable housing, homelessness, socioeconomic inequity, and [...]

Celani: Community Engagement Drives Better Decisions

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                            Andy Celani Andy Celani, a 2019 candidate for Boulder City Council, former owner of the Smooth Motors auto dealership, and a multi-decade Boulder resident, is not shy to say he’s concerned about the city’s future. “I’m compelled to run because I see the town changing in a very fast manner, and it’s [...]

Wallach: There’s a Place for a Small, Sophisticated City

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                          Mark Wallach Mark Wallach, a candidate for Boulder City Council in 2019, like many candidates has big concerns about housing in Boulder. But unlike most candidates, he has deep knowledge in real estate, saying this background is part of his reason for throwing his hat into the ring, and he went on [...]

Friend: Trying to Take Activism to the Next Level

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       Rachel Friend Rachel Friend, a 2019 candidate for Boulder City Council, might be making her first run but she’s no stranger to the current Council. Friend has been active and vocal recently in hot-button issues facing the city, and she hopes her life experiences and activism will help Boulder decide to give [...]