Published Work

I have loved writing since I was a child, and fortunately I’ve been able to write professionally as an adult. This is a very rough estimate, but I would say my work has been published more than 2,500 times. Fans of my Colorado Daily work might already know that it’s tough to find online, so I spent some time in 2017 digitizing old paper copies, and I’ve posted some of my favorites below. Enjoy!colorado daily

Presidents of the United States of America (and candidates, and family)

It was a great honor to cover Presidential-level events, partially because of the heavy issues, but also because of the pomp and circumstance surrounding the visit.

Boulder Weekly – Mad as Hell: 2008 Endorsement of Barack Obama

Colorado Daily – Obama Speaks at Denver University

Colorado Daily – President Bush Visits Denver, Picks Up $1 Million

Colorado Daily – Alexandra Kerry Visits CU-Boulder

Colorado Daily – Andre Heinz Visits CU-Boulder (John Kerry’s stepson)

Colorado Daily – Libertarian Badnarik Visits CU-Boulder

Boulder City/County Local Government and Issues

Many journalists seek to cover Presidential or federal affairs, but I really enjoyed my time covering local politics. In Boulder County, the local stuff gets very detailed and geeky, and it helps determine our quality of life.

Boulder Blue Line – 2017 Boulder City Council Candidate Profiles

Colorado Daily/Sunday Edition- Flood Fears: It Could Happen Here, Too! But is Boulder Prepared for the Worst?

Colorado Daily – Students, Get Active in Your Community

Colorado Daily/Sunday Edition – Factions, Not Parties, in Local Elections

Colorado Daily/Sunday Edition – Boulder Flooding Issues (written long before 2013 flood)

Colorado Daily/Sunday Edition – Holiday Neighborhood: Home for Hundreds

Colorado Daily – Boulder County Super IGA Signed

Congressional Record – Then-Rep. Mark Udall posted my story on the Super IGA in the Congressional Record

Colorado Daily – Commissioner Tom Mayer Faces Cancer

Colorado Daily – Martin Luther King, Jr., Day in Boulder 

Colorado Daily – Council Approves Transit Village Area Plan

Colorado Daily/Sunday Edition – On the Transit Village Area Plan

Boulder County Research

In 2017, I served as the lead author for a 24-page pamphlet on Boulder County’s Worthy Cause III program. In short, Worthy Cause has provided capital project grant funding for human services nonprofit agencies since the year 2000. Or, click the link below for the entire pamphlet on Worthy Cause III, which has been in effect from 2008-present.

Worthy Cause III Pamphlet

Election Guides

Once yearly, we put together a lengthy Election Guide that readers could pull out and keep as a voting resource. It was hard work but rewarding, as we provided fact, opinion, images and graphics, and links to other resources to help voters hopefully make informed choices at the ballot box. One side benefit – I always considered myself a highly informed voter after spending weeks putting these things together!

Colorado Daily – Election Guide 2003

Colorado Daily – Election Guide 2004

Colorado Daily – Election Guide 2005

Colorado Daily – Election Guide 2006

Colorado Daily – Election Guide 2007

Boulder Blue Line – Election 2018 (analyses of city, county, and state ballot measures)

JonBenet Ramsey

I was getting ready to go to dinner on my birthday in 2006 when I learned of a new arrest in the JonBenet Ramsey murder case. This ruined my dinner plans, but led to a tremendously interesting several weeks for a local journalist, and I got the chance to rub elbows with other journalists from establishment national news outlets to the tabloids.

Colorado Daily – New Arrest in Ramsey Case

Colorado Daily – Mary Lacy Press Conference

Colorado Daily – Karr Bomb (just a cover, but it tells a story!)

Colorado Daily – Aftermath of Karr Bust

Colorado Daily – Comprehensive JonBenet/Karr Wrapup

Federal Government and Associated Stuff

Federal officeholders and decisions obviously impact local ways of life, so I felt it was important to cover federal issues with an eye on how they could impact life in Boulder County.

Colorado Daily – FCC Discusses Media Consolidation, Local Perspectives

Colorado Daily – Future Sen. Al Franken Visits Boulder

Colorado Daily – Rachel Maddow Gives Molly Ivins Keynote Speech

Colorado Daily – Jared Polis/Joan FitzGerald in CD2 Race

Colorado Daily – Polis and FitzGerald Trade Money Barbs

Colorado Daily – Pat Schroeder Stumps For Polis

Colorado Daily – Will Shafroth Endorsement From Federico Pena

Colorado Daily – Ken Salazar Announces Run For U.S. Senate

Colorado Daily – Mark Udall Authors Letter on Rocky Flats

Women’s Magazine – Candidate Questionnaire

State of Colorado Races and Issues

I remember with great fondness the first time I attended a press conference at the State Capitol in Denver. State government is the next-highest level closest to local government, and in my opinion one of the great casualties of shrinking newsrooms is the reliance on downloading stories from the AP or other sources on state or federal issues – when a local journalist could uncover the local impacts.

Colorado Daily – Rollie Heath Announces Run For Senate

Colorado Daily – Brief Profile of Rollie Heath

Colorado Daily – Rollie Heath, Cindy Carlisle Set To Debate

Colorado Daily – State Works on Voting Bill, Local Activists Weigh In

Colorado Daily – Bill Signing at Area Wind Power Facility

Colorado Daily – Local Voting Activists Sue Secretary of State

Colorado Daily – Local Voting Activists Speak at State Capitol

The Crusty Sportswriter

I truly cut my journalistic teeth as a sportswriter, and had the great fortune of covering the ultra-successful University of Colorado distance runners for my first real job. I spent time with the legendary coach Mark Wetmore, saw a number of CU NCAA Cross Country championships in person, met individual NCAA champs and Olympian athletes, and covered international elites via the Bolder Boulder 10K.

Colorado Daily – 2002 CU Cross Country Primer

Colorado Daily – Profile of CU Coach Mark Wetmore

Colorado Daily – Jorge Torres Wins NCAA Cross

Colorado Daily – CU Wins Two NCAA Cross Country Titles in One Day

Colorado Daily – Profile of Jenny Barringer

Colorado Daily – Bolder Boulder 2004

Colorado Daily – Bolder Boulder 2005

Colorado Daily – CU Men Win NCAA Title

Colorado Daily – Bolder Boulder 2006

Colorado Daily – Bolder Boulder 2007

Colorado Daily – Dathan Ritzenhein Wins NCAA Cross


With expanding populations come the need for transportation solutions, and I always loved poring through planning documents and interviewing officials responsible for our transportation future.

Colorado Daily – Five-Part Series on FasTracks

Colorado Daily – Gov. Owens Announces US 36 EIS

Colorado Daily – Toll Lane for SH 93?

Colorado Daily – On The Future of U.S. 36, Boulder Turnpike


Truth be told – I wrote some of the staff editorials for the Colorado Daily Friday editions, but was extremely glad that I wasn’t a full-time editorialist. In my opinion, opinions are better when based on institutional knowledge or hours of research, and I hope that showed in some of these pieces.

Daily Camera – Let Electoral College Become a Relic of History

Colorado Daily – For God’s Sake, Cyclists and Drivers Shouldn’t Fight

Colorado Daily – Bzdelik hiring sparks buzz for CU basketball

Boulder Blue Line – Term Limits: There’s No Need

Colorado Daily – Higher Ed Funding Good For Seven Generations

Colorado Daily – Just Say No on Bad Initiatives

Daily Camera – Council Term Limits Not Needed

Colorado Daily – On Rational Behavior

Colorado Daily – Pops, Scrapes, and FAR


Contrary to certain opinion, I am pro-business – assuming it’s moral and ethical. I’ve spent about 75 percent of my working life in the private sector, including several stints in small business management. I hope my experience lent some legitimacy to my business writing, as I do respect that business is responsible for our livelihoods and components of our quality of life.

Colorado Daily – 100-year Anniversary of Boulder Chamber of Commerce

Colorado Daily – Conoco Phillips Coming to Louisville

Colorado Daily – IBM Opens Green Data Center

Colorado Daily – Wild Oats to Locate HQ at Twenty Ninth Street

Colorado Daily – Oats, Whole Foods, and the FTC

Colorado Daily – Groundbreaking at The Peloton

Colorado Daily – Boulder Economic Summit

Colorado Daily – The Late, Great Robb’s Music

Colorado Daily – On the Rolf Institute

Colorado Daily – Twenty Ninth Street Plan Passes Planning Board


Boulder is a scientific community, with great contributions from the University of Colorado, private-sector business, and the NOAA/NIST federal labs. It was tremendously interesting to cover some of Boulder’s scientific advances.

Colorado Daily/Sunday Edition – Weed Control Using – Insects

Colorado Daily – Unisex Fish in Boulder Creek

Earth Humor

We can’t all write for The Onion, but I had some good-natured fun at the expense of others once in a while!

Colorado Daily – Atkins Diet and the Futility of Fads

Colorado Daisy – Will Toor Takes Part-Time Job

Colorado Daily – Colorado Crush Arena Football