Praise for Richard

During my eight years as a Senator in the Colorado State Senate, I had the good fortune of having Richard Valenty as my assistant.  He was one of the most hard working, competent, loyal individuals I have ever known.  I constantly received compliments from those people he interacted with on my behalf.  All of this was coupled with a remarkable sense of humor. Realizing that I could trust Richard to admirably represent me in any situation allowed me to do my job without worry.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Richard for any job that requires the traits and skills that I have outlined.
Rollie Heath, Former Colorado State Senator

Rich Valenty was without a doubt one of the best reporters to ever cover the City of Boulder. Fair, thorough and detailed, his coverage from 2003-2008 with the Colorado Daily was a defining feature of the paper’s quality during that time. I had the pleasure of hiring Rich to the Colorado Daily and working closely with him in my role as managing editor. He was conscientious, mindful and deliberate in the way he reported the news, and in the way he cultivated sources to inform his reporting. I would trust his judgment implicitly on all matters of state and local government, honed as it is from both reporting and from public service with one of Boulder’s most esteemed former lawmakers.

Bronson Hilliard, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Strategic Academic Communications, CU Boulder
Richard Valenty is a proficient communications professional whose writing, interview and research skills reflect the depth of his innate talents. He is a pleasure to work with and has a great sense of humor.
Neal Lurie, President, Center for ReSource Conservation

“I’ve known Richard for decades and have admired his graceful and pointed use of language and ability to make complex policy issues understandable.”

Susan Osborn, Former Mayor Boulder, Colorado